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WET offers desalination systems for commercial, industrial and municipal use.

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Home Water Filtration System

Image of a refreshing glass of filtered water suggestin home water filtration

You’ve decided to join the health revolution and upgrade your home’s water system. Specifically adding a filtration system to your water supply to deliver crisp, clean, and pure water to you and your family. Where do you start? Do you really need a water filter system? These and other questions are the first to come to mind.

In short the answers are determine what impurities are in your current water supply and yes, you do need a home water filtration system. first and foremost analyzing you water supply is a crucial step in implementing a water filter system. With proper water analysis you’ll have the answers to both of the questions above and much clearer picture of what is in your water supply, what type of water filter system you’ll need, and if you really need a home water filteration system.

Water Quality Reports

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Test results on Municiapl water supplies found that some US water supplies contained lead and more than half contained chromium-6. a huge percentage of americans are consuming these harmful chemicals and compounds on a daily basis. Other public potable water supplies are subject to contaminates from landfill runoffm, industrial runoff, and septic seepage. It may be helpful to obtain water reoprts from various agencies to compare notes to assist in choosing the correct water filtration system for your home.

Simple home water tests helps to determine if your water supply contains other things like harmful levels of bacteris, lead, pesticides, nitrates, or chlorine. These tests will also indicate whether your home will need water softening. Scheduling testing should be conducted at least twice a year to rack your water quality and filtration progress and effectiveness.

Choosing the Home Filtration System

With all of the different water filtration systems, opitions, and configurations on the market today, choosing the right system can be confusing and frustrating. However, being in the know makes this part of upgrading the home water filter process easy. Now that you have a clear picture of the make up of your home’s water supply, you’ll need to understand what type of filters and systems are available for your home.

Image showing a residental water filtration system

Residential Water Filter Systems

Whole House

    • These type of systems are generally used in homes where tap water is not avilable. The type of homes that are off the grid and totally dependant on a local tank.

Under Sink

    • These type of systems are installed under the sink and remove unwanted bacteria and pollutans. They can process large amounts of water much faster than faucet and countertop systems.


    • These type of filter systems connect directly to the sink and purify water as it flows through the faucet.
      Faucet: these water filter systems connect to the faucet and filter water after it comes out of the faucet.


    • These water filter systems connect to the faucet and filter water after it comes out of the faucet.

Water Pitcher

    • These filter systems usually have two components. A filter in the top that filters water as it passes throung into the pitcher. They have a very limited capacity.

Shower Head

    • As the name applies these filter hook to a shower head and filter the water as it passes through the showerhead. They are not meant for drinking water.

Types of Residential Water Filters

Water Equipment Technologies (WET) are the Water Experts

Armed with the basic facts, you should be able to choose the correct and most effective water filtration system and water filters for your home. Water Equipment Technologies (WET) manufactures Many of the above systems as it’s standard product and parts lines. However WET is globally recognized for designing, developing, and manufacturering custom water filtration systems. Contact a WET water expert to assist you in understanding residential water filtration, order a custom or standard water filter system, or to order water filters for your water filter system.

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*Our water treatment experts are available to review and custom engineer systems to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that fits your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.