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Please refer to the list below for specific contact information:

Tom Morgan - RO Regional Sales Manager
tmorgan@mci-water.com, 561-601-1611

Raafat Ali - RO Regional Manager
Rali@mci-water.com, 001-201223277498

Vincent Carollo - RO Service Manager
Vcarollo@mci-water.com, 561-762-5610

Jaber Kahn - Product Support, Parts Sales
Jkahn@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Daniel Galicia - Manager Product Support, Parts Sales
Dgalicia@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440/214-697-4426

Ricardo Gonzales - Product Support, Parts Sales
rGonzales@mciflowtronex.com, 972-247-4440

Gary Prae - RO Inside Sales, Applications
Gprae@mci-water.com, 214-542-0280

Vincent Nash - Electrical, Programming
Vnash@mciflowtronex.com, 972-247-4440

Mel Unantenne - Electrical, Programming
Munanteene@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Arnulfo Rojas - Electrical, Programming
arojas@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Ivan McBride - Electrical Design
Imcbride2@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Stewart Bissell - Electrical, Programming
sbissell@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Grant Galloway - Product Support, Parts Sales
Ggalloway@mciflowtronex.com, 864-939-9956

Jeff Mobley - Product Support, Parts Sales
jmobley@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Mike Mudrick - RO Engineering
Mmudrick@mci-water.com, 845-260-3789

John Edwards - All needs
Jedwards@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440/214-354-3524

John Murtaugh - All needs
jmurtaugh@motorcontrols.com, 469-585-2198

Invoices - All invoicing

RFQs - CC to
mciwater@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Parts Orders - CC to
partspo@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

Equipment orders - CC to and salesman
po@motorcontrols.com, 972-247-4440

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