Seawater Desalination

WET offers desalination systems for commercial, industrial and municipal use.

Seawater Desalination filtration system slider image

Brackish Water

Full range of systems for industrial, commercial, municipal and residential use.

WET Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System image

Custom Solutions

Engineered systems for customer's specific water treatment needs.

Slider image of a Custom Solutions filtration system

Ultrafiltration Systems

System for industrial and commercial use.

WET Ultra / Micro Filtration Reverse Osmosis System

Containerized Systems

Any water treatment system in a mobilized container.

WET Reverse Osmosis Container
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Water Equipment Technologies

WET is a GLOBAL LEADER in water treatment technology. With over 3,000 custom systems and 7,000 standard systems engineered, manufactured and installed , our brand is well known and respected. We have achieved this by staying true to our core principle,
"Meeting our customers' requirements, every requirement, every time"

Each of the above blue markers represents one of Water Equipment Technologies custom filtration systems located in over 110 counries worldwide.

Water Equipment Technologies was founded in 1975 to meet the global demands for environmental technologies and products.

Ipad image showing remote capabilites

WEB Based Remote Monitoring

  • Access all Screens
  • Monitor & Control Pump Station
  • Modify Settings
  • Alarm and Data Reporting
  • Remote Program Upgrades

Apple and Android logo icons image Mobile application available on App Stores

*Our water treatment experts are available to review and custom engineer systems to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that fits your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.