Seawater Desalination

WET offers desalination systems for commercial, industrial and municipal use.

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Brackish Water

Full range of systems for industrial, commercial, municipal and residential use.

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Custom Solutions

Engineered systems for customer's specific water treatment needs.

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Ultrafiltration Systems

System for industrial and commercial use.

WET Ultra / Micro Filtration Reverse Osmosis System

Containerized Systems

Any water treatment system in a mobilized container.

WET Reverse Osmosis Container
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Water Equipment Technologies WET: About Our Company

Water Equipment Technologies was founded in 1975 to meet the global demands for environmental technologies and products which could produce high purity water, purify water for re-use and fresh water from the world's oceans. Our customers span the globe, and range from small commercial and municipal concerns to the world's largest international manufacturers. With a dedication to quality and performance that creates an added value, high quality and degree of attention to every project, large or small. Our technical knowledge, applications skill, global experience, and attention to service are the cornerstones of our effort to exceed customer expectations.

Water Equipment Technologies WET: Who We Are

Water Equipment Technologies WET formerly owned by ITT Coporation/Xylem was acquired by Motor Controls Inc. (MCI). Motor Controls Inc., a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of industrial control solutions, municipal pump stations, and other industrial products. MCI announced in Dallas on November, 1, 2017 that the company has acquired the Water Equipment Technologies (WET) brand from Xylem.

Water Equipment Technologties WET headquarters Dallas, Texas

Water Equipment Technologies WET: What We Do

WET manufactures an array of water filtration products and parts including:

WET is a world leader in the manufacture and development of complete water filtration systems including:

Water Equipment Technologies WET: Our Capabilities

Water Equipment Technologies (WET) has been meeting the global demand for industrial, commercial, residential, municipal, and agricultural pure water treatment solutions for more than 40 years. Our customer commitment is demonstrated in our ability to provide individual solutions to each unique application. We optimize the system with your needs in mind through expert applications engineering, superior customer service, and competitive pricing.

Water Equipment Technologies WET: Our Portfolio

Through a well-engineered project management system, Water Equipment Technologies delivers high quality Reverse Osmosis, water treatment and water filtration systems. Adhering to this project management process allows us to streamline the entire project from start to finish. We offer 24/7 access to project status information, including real-time ship date, review and update of bills of materials, and an instant assessment where a project stands at any given moment.

WET has an extensive portfolio that demonstrates the experience, quality and capabilty to supply the world's water filtration and water treatment needs. Water Equipment Technologies has many water systems in place, in a variety of markets, and for many applications. Previous clients include Coca-Cola, Five Forks Water Treatment facility, an Arizona State Prison complex and many more.`

Water Equipment Technologies WET: Contact Us

WET is Located in Dallas Texas on 12 acres with 250,000 square feet of state of the art manufacturing. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and deliever the highest quality products and services by “Meeting our customers requirements, every requirement, every time” is the foundation of our business. Contact a WET professional to experience the Water Equipment Technologies advantage.

10661 Newkirk St.
Dallas, Texas 75220

1 + (800) 735-1097 (USA Only)
1 + (972) 247-4440

*Our water treatment experts are available to review and custom engineer systems to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that fits your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.