Seawater Desalination

WET offers desalination systems for commercial, industrial and municipal use.

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Brackish Water

Full range of systems for industrial, commercial, municipal and residential use.

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Custom Solutions

Engineered systems for customer's specific water treatment needs.

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Ultrafiltration Systems

System for industrial and commercial use.

WET Ultra / Micro Filtration Reverse Osmosis System

Containerized Systems

Any water treatment system in a mobilized container.

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Reverse Osmosis Technology WET

Reverse Osmosis Systems by WET

Reverse Osmosis Technology WET. We specialize in high low reverse osmosis systems. We have the system you need, the pricing you want, and the quality service you expect. WET can provide desalination or high purity water systems capable of producing up to 30 million gallons per day. Feed water sources include seawater, brackish water, tap water, or pre-treated wastewater.

Chart showing how reverse osmosis technology works

WET manufactures a large line of complete standard reverse osmosis systems and can customize any reverse osmosis system to client’s exact specifications. A summary of some our standard ro systems is outlined below.

Industrial Systems

  • MS-Series (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Containerized
  • High Purity Water
  • Nanofiltration
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [ERT])
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [Pressure Exchanger])
  • Ultra & Micro Filtration

Commercial Systems

  • MS-Series (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Containerized
  • LC-Series (Light Commercial)
  • GRO & ES Series (Light Duty)
  • Nanofiltration
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [ERT])
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [Pressure Exchanger])

Residential Systems

  • GRO & ES Series (Light Duty)
  • CAK (Use for Chlorine Water)
  • NAK (Use for Chlorine Free Water)

Municipal Systems

  • Brackish Water
  • Nanofiltration
  • Pre & Post Treatment
  • Ultra & Micro Filtration

Agricultural Systems

  • Brackish Water
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [ERT])
  • SW-Series (Seawater Desalination [Pressure Exchanger])

Reverse Osmosis Technology & WET Parts

WET offers multi-media, activated carbon and cartridge filter systems for sediment, colloids, organics, and hydr-carbons reduction and dechlorination. We stock replacement parts for all of the systems we manufacture. Our inventory for replacement parts is below.

Filter Cartridges

  • Sediment Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Submicron Filters

Filter Housings

  • Propylene Housings
  • Stainless Steel Housings

WET Water Equipment Technologies

WET has been providing advanced membrane technologies to treat the world’s water needs for more than 40 years. Our customer commitment is demonstrated in our ability to provide individual solutions to each unique application. We Optimize the system with your needs in mind through expert applications engineering, superior customer service and competitve pricing. From cartridge filtration to reverse osmosis, WET Water Equipment Technologies is your solution when it comes to advanced pure water systems.

WET was founded in 1975 to meet the global demands for environmental technologies and products which could produce high purity water, purify water for reuse, and create fresh water from the world’s oceans. Our technical knowledge, applications skill, global experience, and attention to service are the cornerstones of our effort to exceed customer expectations.

Need More Information?

WET professionals are ready to assist you with any questions or other concerns you may have. Contact WET today and find out why WET is the global leader in reverse osmosis technology.

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*Our water treatment experts are available to review and custom engineer systems to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that fits your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.