Seawater Desalination

WET offers desalination systems for commercial, industrial and municipal use.

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Brackish Water

Full range of systems for industrial, commercial, municipal and residential use.

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Custom Solutions

Engineered systems for customer's specific water treatment needs.

Slider image of a Custom Solutions filtration system

Ultrafiltration Systems

System for industrial and commercial use.

WET Ultra / Micro Filtration Reverse Osmosis System

Containerized Systems

Any water treatment system in a mobilized container.

WET Reverse Osmosis Container
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Water Filtration Systems USA

Large USA filtration system in USA, Five Forks, Virginia

Not too long ago something that had “Made in the USA” was considered to be high quality and world class. Does a product stamped “Made in the USA” still represent a product of the highest quality? In paticular, Water Filtration Systems manufactured in the USA.

The answer to this question is a BIG yes! Water Equipment Technologies – WET’s water filtration systems lead the world market in production, quality, technology, and customer service. WET has over 40 years hands on experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, and servicing commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and agricultural water filtration systems. Water Equipment Technologies’ products span the globe with 3000 customized water filtration systems and 7000 standard water filtration systems. Our products serve in many different capacities and applications.

The WET standard product line offers many choices for Desalination, Reverse Osmosis, High Purity Water, Ultra & Micro Filtration, Nanofiltration, Containerized systems, Pre & Post Treatment, and We will custom manufacture any kind of water filtration system to exact specifications right here in the USA.

American Ingenuity at Work Worldwide

WET has an extensive portfolio demonstarting the capacity at which products made in the USA are still in high demand. Our clients are worldwide and feature premium golf courses, municipalities, famous resorts, nuclear power and pharmaceuticals, brand name ceverage manufacturers, and much more. The systems we provide range from small residential units to very large industrial systems.

Products and services derived from WET water filtration systems are used in our lives daily in the form of medications we take, the food and beverages we consume, electronics we can’t live without, and many other items we never consider. All Water Equipment Technologies products and parts comply with global standards set for safety and performance.

We’re Here to Help

Feel proud and confident when purchasing a water filtration product from Water Equipment Technologies – WET that is “Made in the USA”. Contact a qualified water quality WET representative today. Our team of highly skilled engineers will help you from the very start to design and develop the perfect water filtration system for your exact needs.

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*Our water treatment experts are available to review and custom engineer systems to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that fits your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.